“I’ve worked with Josh and the team at Zenergy Films for several years now. They are always enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and smart about what we’re trying to accomplish with our video projects. Josh likes to encourage a conversation about what we are trying to accomplish with new projects, in order to get everyone started from the same point and with the same understanding. The design, animation, and editing work they do is top-notch, and we’ve been very pleased with the results. We look forward to working with Josh and team on new projects and brainstorm on what we can do together.”

Adam Velthaus
Product Marketing Manager, Higher Ed
Vista Higher Learning


“The team at Zenergy did a fantastic job for me on our Arizona AZELLA project. This involved taking Photoshop slides and audio we provided, and producing flowing video units with the proper pacing. The project involved quite a large number of units (over 200), as well as a fair amount of unexpected edits, which Zenergy handled gracefully and with great accuracy. They kept us very organized on Google Drive, avoiding any potential pitfalls in the project flow. They also kept us on schedule as best as possible in spite of challenges delivering content to them along the way.

I look forward to working with the Zenergy team again, and highly recommend their services!”

Erica D. Baltierra, PMP
Program Manager
Pearson Education


“For any customer, the biggest challenge is finding a vendor who is dependable, focuses on quality, is a class apart, and most importantly ‘gives assurance of quality and thus peace of mind to the customer.’ Josh and his team were both effective and efficient in two critical ways. Firstly, they provided a great selection of talent and locations for us and our client to choose from. And secondly, from the point of receiving a batch of scripts from us (as many as 20 units at once), they quickly assembled the talent, location, and crew for very fast single-day production turnarounds. The results were always of the highest caliber. Most importantly, he and his team always came up with suggestions for improvement. This is rare in the industry today. If all this is provided without any premium and with competitive rates, it’s just icing on the cake.

The excellent work done by his team — which included upwards of 250 units of teens presenting Math concepts, whereby video would act as bookends to our animated content — has helped us expand our business in this space, and we have received some excellent response. I thank Josh and team, and wish them all continued success.

I could not have been happier with the relationship or their work!”

Zal Doctor
Delivery Manager


“Zenergy Films did amazing work for Pearson to create our Integrated Healthcare video in record time to meet our tradeshow timeline. The entire team was very helpful in suggesting shorter copy to make the video more impactful for our customers. They provided excellent photo search options, working over the weekend to keep the project on a fast track. The team worked quickly to create the video animation on schedule, even made quick final changes, and still delivered the video on time to be posted on our website. The end result was an engaging video that our internal clients were pleased with! I would highly recommend Zenergy Films and would use them again for future projects!”

Lori Landwer
Market Program Manager, Pearson Clinical Assessments
Pearson Education


“Zenergy has been a key partner to us for all our post needs. From simple “talking head” edits, to more complex cutting of a variety of footage and integration of advanced motion graphics and animated content, they can do it all. It is continually a great pleasure to come to them with a variety of projects and know that we will be taken care of — not only in terms of the quality of the final product, but in the caliber of their project management, and the care they put into the relationship. So much so, that I’ve had team members request we specifically work with them. Could not ask anymore of a vendor.”

Scott Turner
Resource and Traffic Manager, Video & Motion Graphics
Pearson Education


“Zenergy worked on a number of interactive projects for me during my tenure as Director of Digital Design & Development at WW Norton — in Political Science, Music, and Chemistry. They were sharp, timely, and a warm bunch to work with — always eager to help and produce awesome results. Their good work gradually expanded over the years to other Media Editors at the company, for whom they have shot and edited video, exercised their animation skills, and created further interactive content — such as graphing tools and map-related materials.

I would recommend Zenergy to anyone in a heartbeat.”

Jack Lamb
Director, Digital Design & Development
WW Norton & Co.


“I worked with Zenergy Films to create a series of developmental reading and writing animations. The project was on a tight deadline and budget and Zenergy worked closely with us to meet our needs. To save time, Meredith proposed that we start with detailed storyboards before animating any of the elements, which proved to be a brilliant idea saving us a lot of time in edits. Given our small budgets, we could only afford to use stock images and video to create the units, but Zenergy was able to transform them into professional quality, engaging animations.

I am continuously impressed with Zenergy’s work and have received a lot of compliments on the work they have produced. They are my preferred vendor for video and animation projects and I would recommend their services to anyone looking for high quality video production work.”

Kara Noonan
Associate Media Producer
Pearson Education


“During the production of five marketing videos, showcasing our company’s international assessment delivery capabilities, Zenergy designers and producers effectively applied creative direction to illustrate our complex concepts. Within the confines of imagery, symbolism, and sound, they were committed to matching the final product to our international vision. Offering iterative reviews, being receptive to feedback, and looking for ways to exceed expectations, I found the experience of working with Josh and his team positive and dynamic. Zenergy’s team is responsive and thorough: they are effective communicators, proactive project managers, and detail-oriented designers.”

Natalya Voropaeva
Sr. Instructional Designer
Pearson Education


“Being able to lean on the highly-experienced team at Zenergy Films was essential to meeting delivery dates and remaining on-budget. Their staff of creative professionals was thorough, responsive, and flexible during the sometimes harried pace of our projects. The videos Zenergy produced for Pearson’s MyMISLab are great examples of the high-quality content we’ve come to expect from them.”

Travis Ramirez
Digital Content Producer
Pearson Education


“Josh and his team did a fantastic job working on our detail-intensive, time-sensitive, and art-heavy software/applet conversion project. We were never less than impressed with Zenergy’s performance and found that deadlines were always met and often surpassed. From the first day of the project to the last we were sure we had found the right partner for this difficult task. We’re sure that they’ll be our first stop the next time we need multimedia work.”

Matt Keeley
Digital Media Editorial Assistant
Thames & Hudson Inc.


“When approaching Zenergy to re-develop the Marley practices — upgrading them from the older HTML 1.0 to HTML5 + JavaScript — their first action was to create a shared system that integrated us directly with their development team. This enabled us to work closely together finalizing our scripts and implementing clear, organized direction for the production.

Our scripts presented several in depth interactivities where Zenergy provided input, options, and guidance for developing our ideas from scratch. Using the most current technology for rapid but quality development, their team worked diligently to deliver strong visual upgrades at a reasonable cost.

We were very satisfied with Zenergy’s flexibility and willingness to work with our hard deadlines. With weekly status calls, and quick correspondence, we kept production moving and on schedule, resulting in an end product exactly as we had envisioned. It was a particular pleasure working with Meredith, who was extremely efficient in managing the project and constantly adapted to our needs.”

Kelsey Loveday
Media Editor, English & Student Success
Pearson Education


“I worked with the Zenergy team on a large number of animations in both Anthropology and Political Science — they were a pleasure to work with from beginning to end. After having them produce an initial batch of Anthropology units, I asked them to produce more in that discipline and work with me on a large number of Political Science animations I had slated. I found them to be very communicative, creative, and personable. I look forward to working with them again in the future!”

Toni Magyar
Editor, Digital Media
WW Norton & Co.


“My experience with Zenergy this past year has been very positive. Starting with the soccer-themed videos, which have been extremely well-received, and continuing with the development of future units for our ever-expanding library.

Since day one, they have been 100 percent committed to the project, and continually a driving force in keeping us moving forward and producing more great content. They have been an indispensable partner for my needs in taking these oftentimes difficult concepts and elevating them to the highest level in production quality.”

Patrick Shriner
Psychology Media Editor
WW Norton & Co.


“When we approached Zenergy with converting our interactive maps (iMaps) from Flash to HTML5 using SVG technology, they were very enthusiastic about tackling this challenging project. Josh and Meredith helped us set up an efficient workflow for the first batch of units, providing us with timely advice, support, and updates. This convinced us to send all production their way (art preparation) on the second batch, which involved a very high volume of maps.

The new tool is a solid product that we are very proud to release to the market, giving students and instructors another way to dive deeper into their understanding of a subject.”

Patrick Cartelli
User Experience Designer
WW Norton & Co.


“Zenergy is a very creative and easy-to-work-with outfit we engaged for our most recent video commercial endeavor. They continue to be consistently reliable and on-time in their deliveries with our current second project.

It is always difficult to know how well a vendor will click once a relationship begins, even with an initial good feeling about them. Zenergy has by far exceeded all expectations. I am very satisfied with the quality work they produce and look forward to many future projects!”

Wes Hand
Director, Automation Products & Solutions
Spirent Communications


“I really appreciated Josh and Zenergy’s willingness to listen and fully understand the scope and the specifics of my project. Their ability to integrate me (the textbook author) at every stage of the video development process (from concept, to casting, to editing) was a breath of fresh air.

Their openness to feedback (I truly appreciated the adjustments they made to various segments based on my commentaries) and the fluid communication channels established — and maintained — throughout the project all contributed to an excellent experience.

Zenergy was able to surpass my expectations. When my concept was susceptible of improvements, they implemented those improvements making the final product actually better than expected. That amount of *extra initiative* in their work truly sets them apart!

But above all, I truly appreciated the superb technical quality of all the video segments (the casting, staging, lighting, sound, editing, etc.) — impeccable!”

Jorge H. Cubillos
Professor of Spanish and Applied Linguistics
Dept. of Foreign Languages & Literatures
University of Delaware


“Working with Josh, Meredith and the Zenergy team was a pleasure, from start to finish. The team embraced our concepts and executed on them beautifully. From the review of the initial concept, to understanding our unique character casting needs, and scouting out the perfect locations, they were easy to interact with, and professional — both in their management during the process and final production. We executed the entire project remotely, and I couldn’t be happier with the results.”

Karen Guerrette
Director, Learning Solutions Consultants
Pearson Learning Solutions


“Zenergy has been a long-time ​video and animation vendor for the English ​Media Team in Pearson’s Higher Education Division. They have consistently​​ delivered​ strong proposals that fit our budgetary requirements, and have provided us with high-quality products that are in line with our ​pedagogical and visual design​ needs.​ Their work is robust, clean, well-presented, and engaging to our ​market. They take the time to think through proper pacing​ ​so that the material is never rushed​,​ nor too stati​c, both of which can lead ​our users to lose​​​ interest very quickly​.

Zenergy knows their craft and knows how to produce media that works.

When these needs come up in the future, I will be sure to use Zenergy’s services​, and will be sure to continue recommending them to my colleagues.”

Stefanie Snajder
Senior Software Product Manager, Learning Apps
Pearson Higher Education Technology Product Management


“I worked with Zenergy on a project to develop a series of 24 short Astronomy education videos. They ran the location shoot professionally, did an excellent job of editing footage from three cameras, and delivered gold versions of the videos on time and on budget. But, most importantly, the videos have been a hit with our customers — astronomy professors and their students. I look forward to collaborating with Zenergy again.”

Rob Bellinger
Editor, Digital Media
W. W. Norton & Co.


“When we needed to build upon our human sexuality video library, Zenergy Films was our chosen partner. Zenergy was able to provide excellent consultation based on our current library and offer creative and engaging suggestions for interactive simulations and videos. Once we narrowed down our focus, they immediately sprang into action, pulling together demo scripts, scouting locations and talent, and communicating often with our subject matter expert to ensure that all of our content was accurate and appropriate. This collaborative spirit was extremely important for this project because human sexuality courses deal with sensitive material that needs to be handled properly. The team at Zenergy was open and honest with the status of each media asset and checked in frequently to let us know of their progress.

Production on our assets came to a completion in early April of 2013 and we, as well as our subject matter expert, were thrilled with the high-quality, educational, and interesting pieces we will soon be adding to our library. We would not have received such great content without the unique skill set the Zenergy team brings to the table. Zenergy Films made this process a wonderful experience that will benefit our customers for years to come.”

Amy Wetzel
Digital Product Manager
Pearson Higher Education


“I worked with Josh Barinstein and Zenergy Films to develop a series of videos in Psychology and highly recommend this company.

Josh and his group completed a complex video package that included shooting three separate sets of videos – for marketing, demo, and chapter intro purposes – and providing all post-production services. They managed to do so while remaining true professionals and were a pleasure to work with. Throughout both the shoot (at our offices) and post phases, Josh and his team were communicative, timely, and flexible.

I have numerous colleagues who have worked with Zenergy in the past on similar projects, and they, too, have had positive experiences.

Josh and Zenergy have rapidly become one of my preferred vendors, and I highly recommend them for the work on any media project.”

Beth Tripmacher
Product Designer, Psychology
John Wiley & Sons


“Zenergy Films is a key vendor for Pearson’s English Media team. The company balances technical know-how with a creative eye. They are flexible when project goals shift and provide helpful solutions to help us meet our media needs.”

Sara Gordus
Digital Editor
Pearson Arts & Sciences


“Fairchild Books worked with Mr. Barinstein and the talented team at Zenergy Films to produce twenty short videos to accompany a bestselling fashion history textbook. Not only did Mr. Barinstein guide us through the new waters of film production — from script development to final edits — he and his team brought a wealth of experience and offered solutions and suggestions at every turn. The precise attention to detail and clear communication throughout the process made for a dynamic and collaborative relationship and a wonderful final product.”

Amanda Breccia
Fashion Editor
Fairchild Books

“The team at Zenergy is very knowledgeable in a wide variety of services, including HTML5 programming, video production, and project management. They have always produced work of the highest caliber and to our satisfaction. They are prompt, friendly, and professional, always working within the scope that has been outlined and ensuring on time and on budget delivery of each project that’s been awarded.

We count them as a key vendor and partner in our development of educational materials.”

Amy Peltier
Digital Program Manager
Pearson Education


“Josh and his team were wonderful to work with! While they planned extensively for the shoot, they were also flexible and adaptable when those plans needed to change. I had never been called on to do video work of this length before, and the whole team really went the extra mile to help me be comfortable in front of the camera, maintaining a relaxed, low-stress attitude, yet sticking to the shooting schedule. I could not be more pleased with the production quality of the videos, or the quality of the experience—if we were to make more of these videos, I would absolutely request this team again.”

Dr. Stacy Palen
Professor, Physics / Director, Ott Planetarium
Weber State University


“I worked closely with Meredith at Zenergy Films, and really appreciated her flexibility and willingness to continue making changes to the videos until we had them just right. She was pleasant to work with, very professional, and quick to respond. The team did a great job bringing life to the tutorial videos we produced, and I was very happy with the end results. I would not hesitate to use them again on future projects.”

Lauren Hill
Associate Content Producer, Applied Sciences
Pearson Higher Education


“I can’t say enough about the great experience I had working with Josh Barinstein and Zenergy Films. They produced a series of short videos (both for marketing and editorial purposes) for us to support a ground-breaking new Statistics textbook we were about to publish. In the planning stages, Josh and his team took care of all the location scouting and arranged all the facilities, and they brought expert creative guidance and insight to the table as we worked together to design our video strategy. During the shoot, they were efficient, energetic, worked wonderfully with our author team, and got the job done in record time. The post-production process went smoothly, and they delivered an enormous quantity of beautifully executed videos on time and within our budget. I will work with them again and again.”

Tom Kulesa
Product Designer Manager
John Wiley & Sons


“I loved working with the staff at Zenergy Films. They were very professional and were able to capture the textbook ideas very clearly into video form. It was truly a collaborative effort between their staff, the publisher and I. They offered creative solutions in helping the videos, images and animations be as representative to our course as possible. The team took my suggestions and feedback seriously and incorporated them into the final product. I was very pleased to work with them and hope to do so again in the future. The film they shot was professional and relevant; I can’t wait to show them to my students next semester!”

Nickolas G. Shizas, MA, LCPC
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Moraine Valley Community College, Palos Hills, IL