If you are:

      • A Publishing Professional
      • A Marketing Director
      • A Media Producer
      • An Entrepreneur

We can support you with:

      • Explainer videos
      • Educational/training material
      • Commercials
      • Scenario/scripted videos
      • Customer testimonials / case studies

Our services include:

Video Production

Firstly, we believe in rock solid Pre-production to ensure the best shoot possible. This entails identifying the right talent and finding the perfect locations. It also means having a polished script that is 100% ready for production (we are available to assist in writing and/or editing). Please see our Pre-production blog articles to learn more about this very important phase: “Proper Time Invested = Quality Results” part #1 and part #2.

Secondly, effective and efficient Production to us means having the best crew that a given budget allows. Whenever possible, we will employ multiple cameras and ensure top-notch lighting and audio. We will also have hair & makeup talent onboard for the best possible results.

Lastly, in Post-production, we make use of the latest editing and motion graphics tools to produce stunning results, as exemplified in the Work section of our site.

Animated Content

We work exclusively in Adobe After Effects. This is the preferred tool for producing animated material that is both captivating and sophisticated. Our workflow incorporates:

  • Receiving and carefully interpreting scripts (providing writing/editing support as needed)
  • Researching photography and producing original art as required
  • Coordinating voiceover talent selection, recording, and preparation
  • Animating all the content at a proper pace for the target audience to process
  • Captioning services as needed, and
  • Delivering the final product in any of a number of formats

Interactive Development

We upgrade outdated projects to HTML5 to get the most out of today’s browsers and devices. We also design and build brand new content. Zenergy offers front-end design, full site coding with associated graphic design, and interactive media — all in-house. We do this by:

  • Providing a scaling production team to build your content. From as small as a few units to as many as hundreds. Content that meets your accessibility and mobile requirements.
  • Staying continually abreast of emerging technologies. We are always finding innovative solutions to your interactive and application needs.
  • Developing specialty tools as needed. For example, video player capability for rich multimedia. Or for instance, robust sound engine support for sound effects and voiceover.
  • Incorporating project management services. Creating a buffer between our technical team and our clients. Fleshing out project goals and materials. Creating a shared schedule. Organizing deliveries to meet those goals.