If you are:

  • A Publishing Professional who is in need of outside vendors to produce educational video, animation, and/or interactive content.
  • A Marketing Professional who collaborates with creative agencies to produce engaging and effective marketing materials.
  • A Media Producer who has work overflow and requires a qualified outside support system for media creation.
  • An Entrepreneur who is needing a fundraising video to captivate their audience and generate interest.

We can support you with:

  • Explainer videos and animations
  • Educational / training material
  • Commercials
  • Scenario / scripted videos
  • Customer testimonials / case studies

Our services include:

Video Production

Script development. Whether you need us to develop your script(s) from the ground up, or polish up your existing work, we have writing experts on staff ready for the task.

Talent casting and location scouting. We understand the need for ethnic diversity in a cast, as well as visual variety in locations. We will work hard to find the right fit to your requirements.

Crew assembly. Having the right crew is essential to success on set. This includes solid camera, lighting, audio, hair & makeup support, and other key talent as needed for best production results.

Motion graphics. We will combine live footage with motion graphics — title screens, lower thirds, animated graphics — to add the most excitement and engagement to your video.

Full post production. This includes integrating voiceover and background music, color and audio correction, and giving your video the proper pace that is right for your audience.

• Project management and quality control. These ensure that you have the best experience possible both during the project and with the end product. Learn more about what we believe in.

Animated content - script writing, research, storyboarding, art creation, voiceover, and full animation services.Animated Content

Script development. Our writers will develop your script(s) from scratch, or complete your existing work.

Language capabilities. We are fully proficient in English, Spanish, and French.

Research. We are highly skilled at doing deep research into stock photography, video, art, and/or music in order to find the ideal content for your particular needs.

Art creation. To give your project a special flair, we will modify existing art or custom create it. We always strive to make you stand out from the competition.

Storyboards. These will be produced for your approval prior to starting the work. This ensures that we are on the same page, and minimizes any potential problems down the line.

Voiceover. We will cast for narration talent that best complements your content, and give you options from which to choose.

Full animation services. We will integrate all materials and give your piece the proper tempo — never too slow or too fast for your audience to absorb, in order to engage most effectively.

Captioning. We can caption your materials as needed.

Project management and quality control. The cornerstones of a positive experience for you! Learn more about what we believe in.

Interactive Development and Accessibility

Interactive Development and Accessibility

Zenergy offers full HTML5 programming capabilities, with a full suite of accessibility services.

HTML5 Programming. We create brand new content, or can convert your existing Flash/legacy materials.

Mobile-friendly and responsive interactivity. We work hard to ensure that your end product runs well on all devices.

Full accessibility. We have great expertise with standards, and can make your product accessible to your specifications. From captioning, to keyboard capability, to ALT text descriptions, to use of audio files — we are very familiar with all aspects of accessibility.