Thoughts on a Crazy 2017 (and How to Make 2018 Better)

2017 felt like a whirlwind. It was a year when suddenly things weren’t quite the same anymore. There were significant changes on the world stage, at the national level, and close to home within our own personal circles.

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How We Define Film: Our Audience (#2)

Film is storytelling. But who is the story being told to? Today we explore why place an emphasis on audience when defining film.

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Story in Defining Film

How We Define Film: Story (#1)

Throughout many of our blog posts, we’ve spoken about processes. How do we carry out animation work? How do we execute interactive development work? We’ve spoken to great extent about why we do what we do, but a lot can be revealed through how we see things.

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audience connection

How We Do What We Do

So last time we began talking about Simon Sinek’s “Golden Circle,” which tells us that starting with “why” we do things is the most effective way to connect with our audience. Because we are appealing to them on a deeper and emotional level, it is a powerful way to pull them into what we strongly believe in.

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